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Wiki Loves Folklore is an international photographic competition to enjoy and celebrate the cultural diversity from around the World through Wikimedia projects (mainly Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons). Everybody can participate.

Feminism and Folklore is an international writing contest organized at Wikipedia annually in the month of February and March to document folk cultures and women in folklore in different regions of the world on Wikipedia. This project is the Wikipedia edition of the photography campaign Wiki Loves Folklore (WLF) that is organized on Wikimedia Commons to document folklore traditions around the world.The basic aim of the competition is to collect articles on human cultural diversity in the worldwide free encyclopedia Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects. This year we focus on folk culture around the globe, with a particular attention to closing the gender gap, as we are partnering with other affiliates and groups across the world.

Since 2019, we have been organizing a multilingual Wikipedia contest and chosen to place the project on meta allowing inter wikis, inter-lingual and inter-project cooperation, to foster the true aspect of our global wikilove movement. The articles provided must match the theme, which means that most users will be able to find several pertaining subjects close to the theme, whether festivals, dances, cuisine, clothing or daily life routine emphasizing on folk culture of that area. You are free to choose an article from our working list, or pick up a topic of your own provided it is in relation with the main theme and focusing on closing the gender gap. Intangible cultural heritage has different meanings for different groups thus it looks at enhancing content, helps with intercultural dialogue, and encourages mutual respect for other ways of life. It also brings forth cultural diversity knowledge for users consumption.

Timeline[maaleŋ | Maale eŋ yizie]

February 1 – March 31 2024 Start for submissions: February 01, 2024 00:01 (UTC) Deadline for submissions: March 31, 2024 23:59 (UTC) Results Declaration: Declared on April 25, 2024 (Note: Result declaration is subject to changes and may be delayed subject to unexpected circumstances.)

Where to ask questions?[maaleŋ | Maale eŋ yizie]

  • The primary place for questions or suggestions is the Talk page.

You can also reach out to us at

Get interactive[maaleŋ | Maale eŋ yizie]

Out and about[maaleŋ | Maale eŋ yizie]

  • Please be respectful and considerate to your fellow photographers, and to others.
  • If you are photographing building interiors, stop straight away if you are asked to do so. Some places prohibit interior photography, but in others you may be allowed to continue if you ask for permission.
  • Do not trespass on private property (it is perfectly OK, though, to take photographs while standing in a public place such as the street).
  • Where possible avoid photographing vehicles, and particularly vehicle numberp lates.
  • Please do not upload photographs of posters, noticeboards, signs, or anything else having text or two-dimensional images that might be copyright-protected. That applies even to text or images that are in a public place and that everyone else is taking pictures of. Ancient wall paintings in churches are fine, as are photos of stained glass windows of any date.

Participate[maaleŋ | Maale eŋ yizie]

Zakaria Tunsung (yeli) 20:47, 29 Fɛreboɔre 2024 (GMT) Linus Konkor (yeli) 10:46, 3 Maakye 2024 (GMT) Joachim Yirkang (yeli) 00:43, 4 Maakye 2024 (GMT) SIR SUCCESS (NAA JAHINFO) (yeli) 13:44, 4 Maakye 2024 (GMT) PROBUS BEWONE (yeli) 18:55, 4 Maakye 2024 (GMT) Tanye Gifty (yeli) 11:01, 5 Maakye 2024 (GMT) Edith Tangkur (yeli) 13:20, 5 Maakye 2024 (GMT) EvaNuo (yeli) 17:09, 5 Maakye 2024 (GMT) S.K.BRIGHT (yeli) 12:46, 8 Maakye 2024 (GMT)

How to participate?[maaleŋ | Maale eŋ yizie]

Add your username in the participants' section by typing four of this"~" and publish!

Contest Rules:[maaleŋ | Maale eŋ yizie]

Wikipedia[maaleŋ | Maale eŋ yizie]

  1. Create/translate a Dagaare Wikipedia article of any folklore and Feminism related topic.
  2. The article must be of readable prose of about 400 words or roughly 10 sentences.
  3. The Wikipedia article must have at least 4 references.

Wikidata[maaleŋ | Maale eŋ yizie]

You can add Dagaare labels for existing items or create new ones making sure that each of the items to be created is having at least:

  1. English Label -->
  2. English Description -->
  3. Dagaare Label -->
  4. Dagaare Description -->
  5. At least 4 r


Prizes[maaleŋ | Maale eŋ yizie]

Organising Feminism and Folklore[maaleŋ | Maale eŋ yizie]

Thank you for participating in the Feminism and Folklore writing competition on our wiki. We congratulate you in joining and celebrating our cultural heritage and promoting gender equality on Wikipedia.

To encourage boost for the contributions of the participants, the international team is offering prizes for Feminism and Folklore local prizes. Each Wikipedia will have three local winners:

  • First Prize: $15 USD
  • Second Prize: $10 USD
  • Best Jury Article: $5 USD

All this will be in gift voucher format only. Kindly inform your local community regarding these prizes and post them on the local project page

The Best Jury Article will be chosen by the jury based on how unique the article is aligned with the theme. The jury will review all submissions and decide the winner together, making sure it's fair. These articles will also be featured on our social media handles.

We're also providing internet and childcare support to the first 50 organizers and Jury members for who request for it. Remember, only 50 organizers will get this support, and it's given on a first-come, first-served basis. The registration form will close after 50 registrations, and the deadline is March 15, 2024. This support is optional and not compulsory, so if you're interested, fill out the form here.

Each organizer/jury who gets support will receive $30 USD in gift voucher format, even if they're involved in more than one wiki. No dual support will be provided if you have signed up in more than one language. This support is meant to appreciate your volunteer support for the contest.

We also invite all organizers and jury members to join us for office hours on Saturday, March 2, 2024. This session will help you understand the jury process for both contests and give you a chance to ask questions. More details are on meta page.

Let's celebrate our different cultures and work towards gender equality on Wikipedia!

Best regards,

MediaWiki message delivery (yeli) 05:56, 29 Fɛreboɔre 2024 (GMT)

Competition Articles[maaleŋ | Maale eŋ yizie]

Rules[maaleŋ | Maale eŋ yizie]

  • Create/Expand an article to minimum of 4000 bytes or 400 words.
  • The article should not be machine translated
  • The Article should be created or expanded between February 1 to March 31, 2024
  • The article must be translated to a readable quality in Dagaare language
  • References must be aligned as how the translated article is.

How to Participate in the article translation

The articles in the table are in two categories English, and Dagaare

Open the Englsh articles and translate the content to the best of your ability to its corresponding Dagaare version. Please this might not be word to work translation but at least closest in meaning.

Feminism and Folklore Articles

Serial No. English Title Wikidata Machine translated Target Title Category
1 Ababio Q37469817 Ababio Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
2 Abdul Wahab Adam Q7959720 Abdul Wahab Adam Category:Ghanaian theologians
3 Abigail Ashley Q50361589 Abigail Ashley Category:Ghanaian Christians
4 Abolimbisa Roger Akantagriwen Q98030316 Abolimbisa Roger Akantagriwen Category:Ghanaian Christians
5 Aboso Glass Factory Q104849802 Aboso Glass Factory Category:Ghanaian brands
6 Abraham Kofi Asante Q98822292 Abraham Kofi Asante Category:Ghanaian Christians
7 Abraham Ossei Aidooh Q178176 Abraham Ossei Aidooh Category:Ghanaian Christians
8 Abunuabunu Q64490692 Abunuabunu Category:Ghanaian cuisine
9 Abusua Q4670683 Abusua Category:Ghanaian culture
10 Accra Brewery Limited Q4672813 Accra Brewery Limited Category:Ghanaian brands
11 Acheke Q2870132 Acheke Category:Ghanaian cuisine
12 Adade Q36915105 Adade Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
13 Addo Q10858648 Addo Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
14 Adele language Q27740 Adele language Category:Languages of Ghana
15 Adinkra symbols Q357360 Adinkra symbols Category:Ghanaian culture
16 Adjaye Q96476156 Adjaye Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
17 Adjei Q21431137 Adjei Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
18 Adjepong Q56707517 Adjepong Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
19 Adom Praiz Q67593748 Adom Praiz Category:Annual events in Ghana
20 Adomako Q37226910 Adomako Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
21 Adowa dance Q18209056 Adowa dance Category:Ghanaian culture
22 Aduana Q20117809 Aduana Category:Ghanaian culture
23 Adukwei Hesse Q64735275 Adukwei Hesse Category:Ghanaian Christians
24 Afrihili Q384707 Afrihili Category:Languages of Ghana
25 AfroFuture Q109687368 AfroFuture Category:Annual events in Ghana
26 Afua Kuma Q98098229 Afua Kuma Category:Ghanaian theologians
27 Agbeko Q55643563 Agbeko Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
28 Agbeli Kaklo Q96471573 Agbeli Kaklo Category:Ghanaian cuisine
29 Aggrey-Fynn None Aggrey-Fynn Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
30 Agona Clan Q20119113 Agona Clan Category:Ghanaian culture
31 Agyapong Q62071292 Agyapong Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
32 Agyare Koi Larbi Q98816997 Agyare Koi Larbi Category:Ghanaian Christians
33 Ahanta language Q34729 Ahanta language Category:Languages of Ghana
34 Ahenema Q93860854 Ahenema Category:Akan culture
35 Ahenkorah Q105063104 Ahenkorah Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
36 Ahinful Q16159629 Ahinful Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
37 Ahmad Bamba Q110565032 Ahmad Bamba Category:Islam in Ghana
38 Ahmadiyya in Ghana Q24943424 Ahmadiyya in Ghana Category:Islam in Ghana
39 Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar Q4696045 Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar Category:Ghanaian theologians
40 Akake Patrick Q105157032 Akake Patrick Category:Ghanaian Christians
41 Akan art Q4700245 Akan art Category:Ghanaian culture
42 Akan chieftaincy Q2137492 Akan chieftaincy Category:Ghanaian culture
43 Akan goldweights Q4291228 Akan goldweights Category:Ghanaian culture
44 Akan languages Q28026 Akan languages Category:Languages of Ghana
45 Akara Q392935 Akara Category:Ghanaian cuisine
46 Ako Adjei Q1278627 Ako Adjei Category:Ghanaian Christians
47 Akpeteshie Q2829131 Akpeteshie Category:Ghanaian cuisine
48 Akuaba Q423677 Akuaba Category:Ghanaian culture
49 Akuamoa Ofosu-Boateng Q99905486 Akuamoa Ofosu-Boateng Category:Ghanaian Christians
50 Akuapem dialect Q31150449 Akuapem dialect Category:Languages of Ghana
51 Akuffo Q21449465 Akuffo Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
52 Akumaa Mama Zimbi Q39406437 Akumaa Mama Zimbi Category:Ghanaian Christians
53 Akwasi Boateng Q104054257 Akwasi Boateng Category:Ghanaian Christians
54 Albert Abongo Q4709599 Albert Abongo Category:Ghanaian Christians
55 Albert Bosomtwi-Sam Q30301960 Albert Bosomtwi-Sam Category:Ghanaian Christians
56 Albert Gregorio De Souza Q105816897 Albert Gregorio De Souza Category:Ghanaian Christians
57 Albert Kwaku Obbin Q98022619 Albert Kwaku Obbin Category:Ghanaian Christians
58 Alex Seidu Sofo Q98050195 Alex Seidu Sofo Category:Ghanaian Christians
59 Alexander Ransford Ababio Q99913891 Alexander Ransford Ababio Category:Ghanaian Christians
60 Alfred Badu Nkansah Q105817606 Alfred Badu Nkansah Category:Ghanaian Christians
61 Alice Teni Boon Q94993519 Alice Teni Boon Category:Ghanaian Christians
62 Alkaki Q107862812 Alkaki Category:Ghanaian cuisine
63 Alkayida Q16208174 Alkayida Category:Ghanaian dances
64 Allowe Leo Kabah Q97012337 Allowe Leo Kabah Category:Ghanaian Christians
65 Aluworks Q4033842 Aluworks Category:Ghanaian brands
66 Ama Pomaa Boateng Q27975634 Ama Pomaa Boateng Category:Ghanaian Christians
67 Amenu Q65081308 Amenu Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
68 Amidu Q48979546 Amidu Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
69 Amihere Q96476194 Amihere Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
70 Amoo Q37539224 Amoo Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
71 Amos Lawerh Buertey Q98813780 Amos Lawerh Buertey Category:Ghanaian Christians
72 Anansi Q485953 Anansi Category:Ghanaian culture
73 Anbariya Sunni Community Q16733349 Anbariya Sunni Community Category:Religious organisations based in Ghana
74 Andrew Kingsford Mensah Q98003226 Andrew Kingsford Mensah Category:Ghanaian Christians
75 Andrews Adjei-Yeboah Q4759057 Andrews Adjei-Yeboah Category:Ghanaian Christians
76 Angelina Baiden-Amissah Q97971350 Angelina Baiden-Amissah Category:Ghanaian Christians
77 Anii language Q34838 Anii language Category:Languages of Ghana
78 Animere language Q34783 Animere language Category:Languages of Ghana
79 Anita-Pearl Ankor Q79322979 Anita-Pearl Ankor Category:Ghanaian Christians
80 Ankos Festival Q24906081 Ankos Festival Category:Annual events in Ghana
81 Anna Nyamekye Q98001487 Anna Nyamekye Category:Ghanaian Christians
82 Anthony Evans Amoah Q96786629 Anthony Evans Amoah Category:Ghanaian Christians
83 Antwi Q4777486 Antwi Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
84 Anyin language Q28395 Anyin language Category:Languages of Ghana
85 Apatampa Q106648224 Apatampa Category:Ghanaian dances
86 Apoo festival Q619641 Apoo festival Category:Annual events in Ghana
87 Apostolic Divine Church of Ghana None Apostolic Divine Church of Ghana Category:Religious organisations based in Ghana
88 Aprapransa Q56650369 Aprapransa Category:Ghanaian cuisine
89 Arthur Sibieko Bullu Q105192185 Arthur Sibieko Bullu Category:Ghanaian Christians
90 Arya Samaj in Ghana Q4802598 Arya Samaj in Ghana Category:Hinduism in Ghana
91 Asaana Q65554426 Asaana Category:Ghanaian cuisine
92 Asafo Q720373 Asafo Category:Akan culture
93 Asanbosam Q720853 Asanbosam Category:Ghanaian culture
94 Asanka Q65010468 Asanka Category:Ghanaian culture
95 Asona Q20119079 Asona Category:Ghanaian culture
96 Assan Q37124067 Assan Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
97 Ateak Q48980105 Ateak Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
98 Ato Ulzen-Appiah Q30070268 Ato Ulzen-Appiah Category:Ghanaian Christians
99 Augustine Collins Ntim Q61694720 Augustine Collins Ntim Category:Ghanaian Christians
100 Austin Akufo Gamey Q100535282 Austin Akufo Gamey Category:Ghanaian Christians
101 Avatime language Q34796 Avatime language Category:Languages of Ghana
102 Ayarna Q48979554 Ayarna Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
103 Ayigbe biscuit Q96276502 Ayigbe biscuit Category:Ghanaian cuisine
104 Ayilo Q115805932 Ayilo Category:Ghanaian cuisine
105 Ayrton Drugs Q4034655 Ayrton Drugs Category:Ghanaian brands
106 Azabiri Ayamga Q105818629 Azabiri Ayamga Category:Ghanaian Christians
107 Ba-awa Q268563 Ba-awa Category:Ghanaian culture
108 Baddoo Q37003166 Baddoo Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
109 Badu Q16479697 Badu Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
110 Bambara language Q33243 Bambara language Category:Languages of Ghana
111 Banku Q806839 Banku Category:Ghanaian cuisine
112 Barbara Oteng Gyasi Q35561192 Barbara Oteng Gyasi Category:Ghanaian Christians
113 Barwuah Q63252708 Barwuah Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
114 Batakari Q112226216 Batakari Category:Ghanaian fashion
115 Batakari Day Q25053617 Batakari Day Category:Public holidays in Ghana
116 Batakari Festival Q94508528 Batakari Festival Category:Annual events in Ghana
117 Bawumia Q107868491 Bawumia Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
118 Baëta Q55643608 Baëta Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
119 Beatrice Aboagye Q105153300 Beatrice Aboagye Category:Ghanaian Christians
120 Benito Owusu Bio Q30688553 Benito Owusu Bio Category:Ghanaian Christians
121 Benjamin Asante Q43549503 Benjamin Asante Category:Ghanaian Christians
122 Benjamin Bimpong Donkor Q96942465 Benjamin Bimpong Donkor Category:Ghanaian Christians
123 Benjamin Edwin Quansah Q105816221 Benjamin Edwin Quansah Category:Ghanaian Christians
124 Benjamin Kofi Ayeh Q83992804 Benjamin Kofi Ayeh Category:Ghanaian Christians
125 Benjamin Kwaku Owusu Q105818553 Benjamin Kwaku Owusu Category:Ghanaian Christians
126 Bentil Q37107155 Bentil Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
127 Betty Krosbi Mensah Q57915355 Betty Krosbi Mensah Category:Ghanaian Christians
128 Bissa language Q32934 Bissa language Category:Languages of Ghana
129 BlacVolta Q123418259 BlacVolta Category:Ghanaian culture
130 Boadu Q37553932 Boadu Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
131 Boahemaa Q107618200 Boahemaa Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
132 Boakye-Yiadom Q96476436 Boakye-Yiadom Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
133 Boamah Q37434729 Boamah Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
134 Bono dialect Q34831 Bono dialect Category:Languages of Ghana
135 Borborbor Q4944382 Borborbor Category:Ghanaian dances
136 Bowili language Q36974 Bowili language Category:Languages of Ghana
137 Braised rice Q65049720 Braised rice Category:Ghanaian cuisine
138 Brandford Kwame Daniel Adu Q98014708 Brandford Kwame Daniel Adu Category:Ghanaian Christians
139 Bright Wireko-Brobby Q61694563 Bright Wireko-Brobby Category:Ghanaian Christians
140 Brukina Q65050192 Brukina Category:Ghanaian cuisine
141 Buli language Q35085 Buli language Category:Languages of Ghana
142 Bureau of Ghana Languages Q4998375 Bureau of Ghana Languages Category:Languages of Ghana
143 Carl Christian Reindorf Q1037319 Carl Christian Reindorf Category:Ghanaian theologians
144 Cephas Narh Omenyo Q51171374 Cephas Narh Omenyo Category:Ghanaian theologians
145 Chakali language Q35206 Chakali language Category:Languages of Ghana
146 Chakosi language Q34845 Chakosi language Category:Languages of Ghana
147 Chala language Q35190 Chala language Category:Languages of Ghana
148 Charles Omar Nyanor Q28445503 Charles Omar Nyanor Category:Ghanaian Christians
149 Chaskele Q62030572 Chaskele Category:Ghanaian culture
150 Cherepon language Q35181 Cherepon language Category:Languages of Ghana
151 Chibsah Q96476656 Chibsah Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
152 Chief Imam of Ghana Q18639535 Chief Imam of Ghana Category:Islam in Ghana
153 Christ Apostolic Church Q1077958 Christ Apostolic Church Category:Christian denominations in Ghana
154 Christ Apostolic Church International Q30594488 Christ Apostolic Church International Category:Christian denominations in Ghana
155 Christian Atsu Q919182 Christian Atsu Category:Ghanaian Christians
156 Christian Council of Ghana Q5109471 Christian Council of Ghana Category:Christianity in Ghana
157 Christian Kwabena Asante Q99903881 Christian Kwabena Asante Category:Ghanaian Christians
158 Christianity in Ghana Q5110518 Christianity in Ghana Category:Christianity in Ghana
159 Christie Brown None Christie Brown Category:Ghanaian fashion
160 Christopher Addae Q96785427 Christopher Addae Category:Ghanaian Christians
161 Chumburung language Q35198 Chumburung language Category:Languages of Ghana
162 Clement Anderson Akrofi Q54480597 Clement Anderson Akrofi Category:Ghanaian Christians
163 Collins Agyarko Nti Q105141401 Collins Agyarko Nti Category:Ghanaian Christians
164 Comfort Owusu Q98815327 Comfort Owusu Category:Ghanaian Christians
165 Cooking banana Q123458126 Cooking banana Category:Ghanaian cuisine
166 Culture of Ghana Q497463 Culture of Ghana Category:Ghanaian culture
167 Dag Heward-Mills Q5208415 Dag Heward-Mills Category:Ghanaian Christians
168 Dagbani language Q32238 Dagbani language Category:Languages of Ghana
169 Dagbon music and dance Q16256450 Dagbon music and dance Category:Ghanaian culture
170 Dagomba people Q16793688 Dagomba people Category:Islam in Ghana
171 Dan Kwasi Abodakpi Q98015706 Dan Kwasi Abodakpi Category:Ghanaian Christians
172 Dancing Pallbearers Q89756027 Dancing Pallbearers Category:Ghanaian culture
173 Dangme language Q35141 Dangme language Category:Languages of Ghana
174 Daniel Kwame Ampofo Q98021658 Daniel Kwame Ampofo Category:Ghanaian Christians
175 Daniel Obinim Q26690686 Daniel Obinim Category:Christian clergy in Ghana
176 Daniel Ohene Darko Q110126786 Daniel Ohene Darko Category:Ghanaian Christians
177 Dansoh Samuel Kwaku Q105181171 Dansoh Samuel Kwaku Category:Ghanaian Christians
178 Darko Asomaning Nicholas Q105181487 Darko Asomaning Nicholas Category:Ghanaian Christians
179 David Accam Q3703079 David Accam Category:Ghanaian Christians
180 David Asante Q54481144 David Asante Category:Ghanaian theologians
181 David Sarpong Boateng Q105181629 David Sarpong Boateng Category:Ghanaian Christians
182 David T. D. Vondee Q110647930 David T. D. Vondee Category:Ghanaian Christians
183 David Yaw Mensah Q98814413 David Yaw Mensah Category:Ghanaian Christians
184 Deafness in Ghana Q109229409 Deafness in Ghana Category:Deaf culture in Ghana
185 Deg language Q35183 Deg language Category:Languages of Ghana
186 Delo language Q35195 Delo language Category:Languages of Ghana
187 Deo Gratias Photo Studio Q110737028 Deo Gratias Photo Studio Category:Arts in Ghana
188 Desmond De-Graft Paitoo Q110126966 Desmond De-Graft Paitoo Category:Ghanaian Christians
189 Dipo Q5280019 Dipo Category:Ghanaian culture
190 Dominic Yaw Amoako Q105193505 Dominic Yaw Amoako Category:Ghanaian Christians
191 Dompo language Q35270 Dompo language Category:Languages of Ghana
192 Dwang language Q35258 Dwang language Category:Languages of Ghana
193 E. N. P. Sowah Q1273535 E. N. P. Sowah Category:Ghanaian Christians
194 E.K.D. Anku-Tsede Q105192807 E.K.D. Anku-Tsede Category:Ghanaian Christians
195 ETV Ghana Q5322326 ETV Ghana Category:Ghanaian culture
196 Easter Monday Q209663 Easter Monday Category:Public holidays in Ghana
197 Eastern Music Awards Q107548298 Eastern Music Awards Category:Annual events in Ghana
198 Eba Q5331480 Eba Category:Ghanaian cuisine
199 Ebenezer Ato Ayirebi-Acquah Q105152841 Ebenezer Ato Ayirebi-Acquah Category:Ghanaian Christians
200 Ebenezer Kobina Fosu Q99906480 Ebenezer Kobina Fosu Category:Ghanaian Christians
201 Ebenezer Oduro Owusu Q26251330 Ebenezer Oduro Owusu Category:Ghanaian Christians
202 Edusei Q21494460 Edusei Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
203 Edward Adjaho Q5341508 Edward Adjaho Category:Ghanaian Christians
204 Edward Aliedong Alhassan Q105188190 Edward Aliedong Alhassan Category:Ghanaian Christians
205 Edward Osei-Kwaku Q98814625 Edward Osei-Kwaku Category:Ghanaian Christians
206 Efe Grace Q87648396 Efe Grace Category:Ghanaian Christians
207 Efutu language Q34847 Efutu language Category:Languages of Ghana
208 Ekuona Q20119012 Ekuona Category:Ghanaian culture
209 Elijah Amoo Addo Q67171535 Elijah Amoo Addo Category:Ghanaian chefs
210 Elizabeth Agyemang Q55314927 Elizabeth Agyemang Category:Ghanaian Christians
211 Elizabeth Amoah Tetteh Q96943133 Elizabeth Amoah Tetteh Category:Ghanaian Christians
212 Elvis Agyemang Q115492077 Elvis Agyemang Category:Ghanaian Christians
213 Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor Q21872511 Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor Category:Ghanaian Christians
214 Emmanuel Ansah Nartey Q105181865 Emmanuel Ansah Nartey Category:Ghanaian Christians
215 Emmanuel Asamoah Owusu-Ansah Q1338156 Emmanuel Asamoah Owusu-Ansah Category:Ghanaian Christians
216 Emmanuel Asante Q55610828 Emmanuel Asante Category:Ghanaian theologians
217 Emmanuel Baah Danquah Q99901685 Emmanuel Baah Danquah Category:Ghanaian Christians
218 Emmanuel Kwadwo Adu Q23907311 Emmanuel Kwadwo Adu Category:Ghanaian Christians
219 Emmanuel Kwame Boakye Q105152892 Emmanuel Kwame Boakye Category:Ghanaian Christians
220 Emmanuel Kwasi Addae Q105814731 Emmanuel Kwasi Addae Category:Ghanaian Christians
221 Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore Q84561668 Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore Category:Ghanaian Christians
222 Emmanuel Samba Zumakpeh Q98815124 Emmanuel Samba Zumakpeh Category:Ghanaian Christians
223 Emmanuel T Tetteh Q105182060 Emmanuel T Tetteh Category:Ghanaian Christians
224 Emmanuel Welbeck Nortey Q105184565 Emmanuel Welbeck Nortey Category:Ghanaian Christians
225 Ernest Addison Q30061296 Ernest Addison Category:Ghanaian Christians
226 Ernest Attuquaye Armah Q97006482 Ernest Attuquaye Armah Category:Ghanaian Christians
227 Ernest Gaewu Q117450218 Ernest Gaewu Category:Ghanaian Christians
228 Ernestina Naadu Mills Q19957726 Ernestina Naadu Mills Category:Ghanaian Christians
229 Esme Mends Q5398503 Esme Mends Category:Ghanaian Christians
230 Etor Q64490706 Etor Category:Ghanaian cuisine
231 Eugene Atta Agyepong Q98035232 Eugene Atta Agyepong Category:Ghanaian Christians
232 Eureka Emefa Adomako Q57947355 Eureka Emefa Adomako Category:Ghanaian Christians
233 Ewe language Q10128678 Ewe language Category:Languages of Ghana
234 Fantasy coffin Q1131640 Fantasy coffin Category:Ghanaian culture
235 Farefare language Q35331 Farefare language Category:Languages of Ghana
236 Farmers' Day Q39491235 Farmers' Day Category:Public holidays in Ghana
237 Felix Kwasi Adinyira Q105816997 Felix Kwasi Adinyira Category:Ghanaian Christians
238 Felix Twumasi-Appiah Q96946997 Felix Twumasi-Appiah Category:Ghanaian Christians
239 Festus Awuah Kwofie Q113483347 Festus Awuah Kwofie Category:Ghanaian Christians
240 Fetish priest Q5445960 Fetish priest Category:Religion in Ghana
241 Fetu Afahye Q5445998 Fetu Afahye Category:Annual events in Ghana
242 Figurative palanquin Q16246520 Figurative palanquin Category:Ghanaian culture
243 Fortunate Atubiga Q99929646 Fortunate Atubiga Category:Ghanaian Christians
244 Foundation for Contemporary Art Q3749126 Foundation for Contemporary Art Category:Cultural organisations based in Ghana
245 Founders' Day Q16733520 Founders' Day Category:Public holidays in Ghana
246 Francis Aggrey Agbotse Q98010662 Francis Aggrey Agbotse Category:Ghanaian Christians
247 Francis Amenu Q5479997 Francis Amenu Category:Ghanaian theologians
248 Francis Fynn Q105192695 Francis Fynn Category:Ghanaian Christians
249 Francis Gyafiiry Korbieh Q99915398 Francis Gyafiiry Korbieh Category:Ghanaian Christians
250 Francis Kwadwo Gyefour Q105192853 Francis Kwadwo Gyefour Category:Ghanaian Christians
251 Francis Yaw Osei Sarfo Q96845939 Francis Yaw Osei Sarfo Category:Ghanaian Christians
252 Francisca Oteng-Mensah Q20119890 Francisca Oteng-Mensah Category:Ghanaian Christians
253 Franis Kow Bortsie-Ansah Q105583044 Franis Kow Bortsie-Ansah Category:Ghanaian Christians
254 Franklin Winfred K. Aheto Q99930421 Franklin Winfred K. Aheto Category:Ghanaian Christians
255 Fred Kwasi Apaloo Q374395 Fred Kwasi Apaloo Category:Ghanaian Christians
256 Freda Akosua Prempeh Q26899153 Freda Akosua Prempeh Category:Ghanaian Christians
257 Freddie Blay Q1453068 Freddie Blay Category:Ghanaian Christians
258 Frederick Opare-Ansah Q61674636 Frederick Opare-Ansah Category:Ghanaian Christians
259 Frederick Yaw Ahenkwah Q110610394 Frederick Yaw Ahenkwah Category:Ghanaian Christians
260 Fredrick Percival Segbefia Q105817275 Fredrick Percival Segbefia Category:Ghanaian Christians
261 Fufu Q941004 Fufu Category:Ghanaian cuisine
262 Fufu machine Q16733527 Fufu machine Category:Ghanaian cuisine
263 Funge Q3090896 Funge Category:Ghanaian cuisine
264 Funkaso Q5509249 Funkaso Category:Ghanaian cuisine
265 Fura Q25203618 Fura Category:Ghanaian cuisine
266 GHOne TV Q16733539 GHOne TV Category:Ghanaian culture
267 Ga language Q33287 Ga language Category:Languages of Ghana
268 Gaaga Akayeri Azitariga Q105155369 Gaaga Akayeri Azitariga Category:Ghanaian Christians
269 Gabriel Barima Q16246728 Gabriel Barima Category:Ghanaian Christians
270 Gambei Q107210042 Gambei Category:Ghanaian culture
271 Gari Soaking Q106577859 Gari Soaking Category:Ghanaian cuisine
272 Gari and beans Q65044268 Gari and beans Category:Ghanaian cuisine
273 Garri Q1494252 Garri Category:Ghanaian cuisine
274 Gbe languages Q668284 Gbe languages Category:Languages of Ghana
275 Gbeho Q22339099 Gbeho Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
276 Gen language Q33450 Gen language Category:Languages of Ghana
277 George Adu-Mensah Q105151853 George Adu-Mensah Category:Ghanaian Christians
278 George Akosa Q105153839 George Akosa Category:Ghanaian Christians
279 George Akuffo Dampare Q107605873 George Akuffo Dampare Category:Ghanaian Christians
280 George Boateng Q464701 George Boateng Category:Ghanaian Christians
281 George Buadi Q99903520 George Buadi Category:Ghanaian Christians
282 George Charles Quaynor-Mettle Q105185868 George Charles Quaynor-Mettle Category:Ghanaian Christians
283 George Kofi Arthur Q61679889 George Kofi Arthur Category:Ghanaian Christians
284 George Oteng Q105819314 George Oteng Category:Ghanaian Christians
285 Georgina Theodora Wood Q1317025 Georgina Theodora Wood Category:Ghanaian Christians
286 Gershon Kofi Bediako Gbediame Q84080560 Gershon Kofi Bediako Gbediame Category:Ghanaian Christians
287 Ghana Academy of Film and Television Arts Q22032094 Ghana Academy of Film and Television Arts Category:Cultural organisations based in Ghana
288 Ghana Football Awards Q104852894 Ghana Football Awards Category:Ghanaian awards
289 Ghana Institute of Linguistics Q1521350 Ghana Institute of Linguistics Category:Christianity in Ghana
290 Ghana Movie Awards Q18344366 Ghana Movie Awards Category:Annual events in Ghana
291 Ghana Museums and Monuments Board Q16733579 Ghana Museums and Monuments Board Category:Heritage registers in Ghana
292 Ghana National Science and Maths Quiz Q16733581 Ghana National Science and Maths Quiz Category:Annual events in Ghana
293 Ghana Oil Company Q5555383 Ghana Oil Company Category:Ghanaian brands
294 Ghana Player of the Year Q1521403 Ghana Player of the Year Category:Ghanaian awards
295 Ghana Women of Courage Award Q85763378 Ghana Women of Courage Award Category:Ghanaian awards
296 Ghana's material cultural heritage Q5555520 Ghana's material cultural heritage Category:Heritage registers in Ghana
297 Ghanaian English Q25105912 Ghanaian English Category:Languages of Ghana
298 Ghanaian cuisine Q1072146 Ghanaian cuisine Category:Ghanaian cuisine
299 Ghanaian name Q5555474 Ghanaian name Category:Ghanaian culture
300 Gilbert Ansre Q96342149 Gilbert Ansre Category:Ghanaian theologians
301 Gilbert Kwasi Agyei Q105182242 Gilbert Kwasi Agyei Category:Ghanaian Christians
302 Gilman Appiah Kwaku Q105182396 Gilman Appiah Kwaku Category:Ghanaian Christians
303 Gladys Abena Nsoah Q99902971 Gladys Abena Nsoah Category:Ghanaian Christians
304 Gladys Asmah Q1529094 Gladys Asmah Category:Ghanaian Christians
305 Gladys Boateng Q105185944 Gladys Boateng Category:Ghanaian Christians
306 Godfrey Abulu Q105155150 Godfrey Abulu Category:Ghanaian Christians
307 Godfrey Tangu Bayon Q61694611 Godfrey Tangu Bayon Category:Ghanaian Christians
308 Godigbe festival Q19570758 Godigbe festival Category:Ghanaian culture
309 Gold Coast alphabet Q5578670 Gold Coast alphabet Category:Ghanaian culture
310 Golden Movie Awards Q24885747 Golden Movie Awards Category:Annual events in Ghana
311 Gonja language Q35267 Gonja language Category:Languages of Ghana
312 Good Friday Q40317 Good Friday Category:Public holidays in Ghana
313 Griot Q511054 Griot Category:Ghanaian culture
314 Gua language Q35422 Gua language Category:Languages of Ghana
315 Guang languages Q684009 Guang languages Category:Languages of Ghana
316 Gyimah Q5624105 Gyimah Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
317 Hackman Owusu-Agyeman Q1567260 Hackman Owusu-Agyeman Category:Ghanaian Christians
318 Hanga language Q35426 Hanga language Category:Languages of Ghana
319 Hausa language Q56475 Hausa language Category:Languages of Ghana
320 Hayoyo None Hayoyo Category:Ghanaian cuisine
321 Helen Yawson Q21061932 Helen Yawson Category:Ghanaian Christians
322 Hennric David Yeboah Q43597264 Hennric David Yeboah Category:Ghanaian Christians
323 Hilliard Dogbe Q118991406 Hilliard Dogbe Category:Ghanaian theologians
324 Hindu Monastery of Africa Q45905912 Hindu Monastery of Africa Category:Hinduism in Ghana
325 Hinduism in Ghana Q4200878 Hinduism in Ghana Category:Hinduism in Ghana
326 Historical Society of Ghana Q85766701 Historical Society of Ghana Category:Cultural organisations based in Ghana
327 History of the Jews in Ghana Q85766815 History of the Jews in Ghana Category:Jews and Judaism in Ghana
328 Homowo Q16267971 Homowo Category:Ghanaian culture
329 Hudson-Odoi Q65117783 Hudson-Odoi Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
330 Humanist Association of Ghana Q107851262 Humanist Association of Ghana Category:Religion in Ghana
331 Ibrahim Basha Q50379505 Ibrahim Basha Category:Ghanaian theologians
332 Ibrahim Nuhu Chibsah Q105154126 Ibrahim Nuhu Chibsah Category:Ghanaian Christians
333 Ice kenkey Q106578055 Ice kenkey Category:Ghanaian cuisine
334 Iddi Q106919467 Iddi Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
335 Ignatius Kofi Poku Edusei Q98005650 Ignatius Kofi Poku Edusei Category:Ghanaian Christians
336 Independence Day Q55640009 Independence Day Category:Public holidays in Ghana
337 Independent Latter Day Saint congregations in Ghana None Independent Latter Day Saint congregations in Ghana Category:Religious organisations based in Ghana
338 Irreligion in Ghana Q6073652 Irreligion in Ghana Category:Religion in Ghana
339 Isaac Eduasar Edumadzi Q98021450 Isaac Eduasar Edumadzi Category:Ghanaian Christians
340 Isaac Kolibilla Batesimah Q99929796 Isaac Kolibilla Batesimah Category:Ghanaian Christians
341 Isaac Kwadwo Adjei-Mensah Q98815047 Isaac Kwadwo Adjei-Mensah Category:Ghanaian Christians
342 Isaac Oti-Boateng Q107973887 Isaac Oti-Boateng Category:Ghanaian Christians
343 Islam in Ghana Q32307 Islam in Ghana Category:Islam in Ghana
344 J. B. Danquah Q377908 J. B. Danquah Category:Ghanaian Christians
345 J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu Q99841516 J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu Category:Ghanaian theologians
346 Jacob Aplerh Tawiah Q105186272 Jacob Aplerh Tawiah Category:Ghanaian Christians
347 Jacob Scherrer Arthur Q98817687 Jacob Scherrer Arthur Category:Ghanaian Christians
348 James Ackah Cobbinah Q105191271 James Ackah Cobbinah Category:Ghanaian Christians
349 James Appietu-Ankrah Q98040101 James Appietu-Ankrah Category:Ghanaian Christians
350 James Klutse Avedzi Q61694615 James Klutse Avedzi Category:Ghanaian Christians
351 Jatong Silim Sambian Q105815828 Jatong Silim Sambian Category:Ghanaian Christians
352 Jera Q96384394 Jera Category:Ghanaian dances
353 Jibreel Ofori Owusu Q105176227 Jibreel Ofori Owusu Category:Ghanaian Christians
354 Joe Baidoo-Ansah Q1691326 Joe Baidoo-Ansah Category:Ghanaian Christians
355 Joe Kingsley Hackman Q98022019 Joe Kingsley Hackman Category:Ghanaian Christians
356 John Aitpillah Q105663840 John Aitpillah Category:Ghanaian Christians
357 John Ernest Ekuban Q105154588 John Ernest Ekuban Category:Ghanaian Christians
358 John Frank Abu Q98821809 John Frank Abu Category:Ghanaian Christians
359 John Kwadwo Gyapong Q98013164 John Kwadwo Gyapong Category:Ghanaian Christians
360 John Kweku Danso Q105221310 John Kweku Danso Category:Ghanaian Christians
361 John Kweku Kumah Q99913069 John Kweku Kumah Category:Ghanaian Christians
362 John S. Pobee Q58241444 John S. Pobee Category:Ghanaian theologians
363 Jollof rice Q816663 Jollof rice Category:Ghanaian cuisine
364 Jonathan Mensah Q44878 Jonathan Mensah Category:Ghanaian Christians
365 Joseph Addison Anyan Q105819783 Joseph Addison Anyan Category:Ghanaian Christians
366 Joseph Alexander Tuffour Sarkodie Q105177148 Joseph Alexander Tuffour Sarkodie Category:Ghanaian Christians
367 Joseph Anim-Danso Q105819356 Joseph Anim-Danso Category:Ghanaian Christians
368 Joseph Emmanuel Ackah Q98824336 Joseph Emmanuel Ackah Category:Ghanaian Christians
369 Joseph Evarist Seyire Q105818605 Joseph Evarist Seyire Category:Ghanaian Christians
370 Joseph King Amankrah Q105192281 Joseph King Amankrah Category:Ghanaian Christians
371 Joseph Kwame Kumah Q110617022 Joseph Kwame Kumah Category:Ghanaian Christians
372 Joseph Kwasi Mensah Q110617044 Joseph Kwasi Mensah Category:Ghanaian Christians
373 Joseph Kwesi Mbimadong Q105816191 Joseph Kwesi Mbimadong Category:Ghanaian Christians
374 Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante Q105688523 Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante Category:Ghanaian theologians
375 Joseph Osei-Owusu Q28377798 Joseph Osei-Owusu Category:Ghanaian Christians
376 Joseph Teye Tetteh Q105186509 Joseph Teye Tetteh Category:Ghanaian Christians
377 Joseph Tsatsu Agbenu Q98041516 Joseph Tsatsu Agbenu Category:Ghanaian Christians
378 Josephine Afua Addae-Mensah Q105145567 Josephine Afua Addae-Mensah Category:Ghanaian Christians
379 Josephine Hilda Addo Q31988547 Josephine Hilda Addo Category:Ghanaian Christians
380 Julius Sarkodee-Addo Q1676399 Julius Sarkodee-Addo Category:Ghanaian Christians
381 Justice Akuamoa Boateng Q65548512 Justice Akuamoa Boateng Category:Ghanaian Christians
382 Jwira-Pepesa language Q35467 Jwira-Pepesa language Category:Languages of Ghana
383 K.G. Osei Bonsu Q60048361 K.G. Osei Bonsu Category:Ghanaian Christians
384 KODA Q21064606 KODA Category:Ghanaian Christians
385 Kabiye language Q35475 Kabiye language Category:Languages of Ghana
386 Kamara language Q35561 Kamara language Category:Languages of Ghana
387 Kanor Q90420436 Kanor Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
388 Kantanka Automobile Q19978405 Kantanka Automobile Category:Ghanaian brands
389 Kantosi language Q35651 Kantosi language Category:Languages of Ghana
390 Kasapreko Q54092988 Kasapreko Category:Ghanaian brands
391 Kasena language Q35552 Kasena language Category:Languages of Ghana
392 Kate Tachie-Menson Q70203102 Kate Tachie-Menson Category:Ghanaian fashion
393 Kebu language Q35026 Kebu language Category:Languages of Ghana
394 Kelewele None Kelewele Category:Ghanaian cuisine
395 Ken Attafuah Q43216061 Ken Attafuah Category:Ghanaian Christians
396 Ken Meyir Kunfah Q105128492 Ken Meyir Kunfah Category:Ghanaian Christians
397 Kenkey Q1742211 Kenkey Category:Ghanaian cuisine
398 Kennedy Agyapong Q28223333 Kennedy Agyapong Category:Ghanaian Christians
399 Kenneth Amponsah-Yiadom Q105156471 Kenneth Amponsah-Yiadom Category:Ghanaian Christians
400 Kente cloth Q1428368 Kente cloth Category:Ghanaian culture
401 Kingsley Abayie Q105818559 Kingsley Abayie Category:Ghanaian Christians
402 Kingsley Asoah-Apima Q105190577 Kingsley Asoah-Apima Category:Ghanaian Christians
403 Kingsley Nyarko Q104956485 Kingsley Nyarko Category:Ghanaian Christians
404 Kingsley Ofosu Q6413333 Kingsley Ofosu Category:Ghanaian Christians
405 Kingzkid Q77359216 Kingzkid Category:Ghanaian Christians
406 Kinston Akomeng Kissi Q98818224 Kinston Akomeng Kissi Category:Ghanaian Christians
407 Kobine Q6424434 Kobine Category:Ghanaian culture
408 Kofi Adonteng Boateng Q110921510 Kofi Adonteng Boateng Category:Ghanaian Christians
409 Kofi Amankwaa Peasah Q105164391 Kofi Amankwaa Peasah Category:Ghanaian Christians
410 Kofi Attor Q98814531 Kofi Attor Category:Ghanaian Christians
411 Kofi Frimpong Q84242003 Kofi Frimpong Category:Ghanaian Christians
412 Kofi Gyenfi II Q66039035 Kofi Gyenfi II Category:Ghanaian Christians
413 Kojo Adu Asare Q96876095 Kojo Adu Asare Category:Ghanaian Christians
414 Koko Q65050205 Koko Category:Ghanaian cuisine
415 Kokonte Q20855028 Kokonte Category:Ghanaian cuisine
416 Konkomba language Q35674 Konkomba language Category:Languages of Ghana
417 Konni language Q35680 Konni language Category:Languages of Ghana
418 Kontomire stew Q65048074 Kontomire stew Category:Ghanaian cuisine
419 Koobi Q65089778 Koobi Category:Ghanaian cuisine
420 Koose Q96386264 Koose Category:Ghanaian cuisine
421 Koufie Q104846729 Koufie Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
422 Kpekpele Q20855047 Kpekpele Category:Ghanaian cuisine
423 Kplang language Q35628 Kplang language Category:Languages of Ghana
424 Kposo language Q35029 Kposo language Category:Languages of Ghana
425 Kra Q6435744 Kra Category:Ghanaian culture
426 Krache language Q35658 Krache language Category:Languages of Ghana
427 Kromanti dance Q65063366 Kromanti dance Category:Akan culture
428 Krosbi Mensah Q99912770 Krosbi Mensah Category:Ghanaian Christians
429 Kube Cake Q96276764 Kube Cake Category:Ghanaian cuisine
430 Kuli-kuli Q6421494 Kuli-kuli Category:Ghanaian cuisine
431 Kusaal language Q35708 Kusaal language Category:Languages of Ghana
432 Kwabena Adusa Okerchiri Q98043136 Kwabena Adusa Okerchiri Category:Ghanaian Christians
433 Kwabena Amankwa Asiamah Q61694638 Kwabena Amankwa Asiamah Category:Ghanaian Christians
434 Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng Q6449932 Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng Category:Ghanaian Christians
435 Kwabena Sarfo Q98009215 Kwabena Sarfo Category:Ghanaian Christians
436 Kwadjo Asante Q105836812 Kwadjo Asante Category:Ghanaian Christians
437 Kwaku Agyemang-Manu Q28741196 Kwaku Agyemang-Manu Category:Ghanaian Christians
438 Kwaku Agyenim Boateng Q61694648 Kwaku Agyenim Boateng Category:Ghanaian Christians
439 Kwakye Addo Q98819721 Kwakye Addo Category:Ghanaian Christians
440 Kwame Agyei Boaitey Q105818555 Kwame Agyei Boaitey Category:Ghanaian Christians
441 Kwame Bediako Q41080249 Kwame Bediako Category:Ghanaian theologians
442 Kwame Darko Q105634118 Kwame Darko Category:Ghanaian Christians
443 Kwame Gyawu-Kyem Q105165998 Kwame Gyawu-Kyem Category:Ghanaian Christians
444 Kwame Poku Agyekum Q105818548 Kwame Poku Agyekum Category:Ghanaian Christians
445 Kwame Twumasi Ampofo Q61694654 Kwame Twumasi Ampofo Category:Ghanaian Christians
446 Kwarteng Q37162493 Kwarteng Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
447 Kwei-Armah Q24085362 Kwei-Armah Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
448 Kwesi Dickson Q6450349 Kwesi Dickson Category:Ghanaian theologians
449 Kyinkyinga Q25067231 Kyinkyinga Category:Ghanaian cuisine
450 Kyode language Q35256 Kyode language Category:Languages of Ghana
451 Lamugin Q65558409 Lamugin Category:Food and drink in Ghana
452 Languages of Ghana Q897882 Languages of Ghana Category:Languages of Ghana
453 Larteh language Q35639 Larteh language Category:Languages of Ghana
454 Lawrence Tetteh Q115047042 Lawrence Tetteh Category:Ghanaian Christians
455 Lelemi language Q35585 Lelemi language Category:Languages of Ghana
456 Ligbi language Q33594 Ligbi language Category:Languages of Ghana
457 Light Soup Q96636863 Light Soup Category:Ghanaian cuisine
458 Likpe language Q36257 Likpe language Category:Languages of Ghana
459 List of Catholic dioceses in Ghana Q5354657 List of Catholic dioceses in Ghana Category:Ghana religion-related lists
460 List of Ghanaian awards Q66666476 List of Ghanaian awards Category:Ghanaian awards
461 Livingstone Komla Buama Q6659727 Livingstone Komla Buama Category:Ghanaian theologians
462 Lobi language Q35807 Lobi language Category:Languages of Ghana
463 Logba language Q35813 Logba language Category:Languages of Ghana
464 MTA Ghana Q112232552 MTA Ghana Category:Islam in Ghana
465 Madam Koi Koi Q102182415 Madam Koi Koi Category:Ghanaian culture
466 Magnus Opare-Asamoah Q98042616 Magnus Opare-Asamoah Category:Ghanaian Christians
467 Majid Michel Q6737845 Majid Michel Category:Ghanaian Christians
468 Mampruli language Q35804 Mampruli language Category:Languages of Ghana
469 Mankralo Q18352325 Mankralo Category:Ghanaian culture
470 Marleen Hutchful Q110826979 Marleen Hutchful Category:Ghanaian Christians
471 Martha Ankomah Q27919284 Martha Ankomah Category:Ghanaian Christians
472 Mary Stella Ankomah Q105190200 Mary Stella Ankomah Category:Ghanaian Christians
473 Mathew Kojo Kum Q105171965 Mathew Kojo Kum Category:Ghanaian Christians
474 Matthew Kwaku Antwi Q98020183 Matthew Kwaku Antwi Category:Ghanaian Christians
475 Maxwell Opoku-Afari Q104781085 Maxwell Opoku-Afari Category:Ghanaian Christians
476 Mensa Otabil Q16732489 Mensa Otabil Category:Ghanaian Christians
477 Mercy Oduyoye Q6818794 Mercy Oduyoye Category:Ghanaian theologians
478 Michael Afedi Gizo Q98739500 Michael Afedi Gizo Category:Ghanaian Christians
479 Michael Kwabena Ntumy Q98465779 Michael Kwabena Ntumy Category:Ghanaian theologians
480 Michael Teye Nyuanu Q97008717 Michael Teye Nyuanu Category:Ghanaian Christians
481 Mike Hammah Q6847118 Mike Hammah Category:Ghanaian Christians
482 Miss Earth Ghana Q16733867 Miss Earth Ghana Category:Ghanaian awards
483 Miss Ghana Q1275019 Miss Ghana Category:Ghanaian awards
484 Miss International Ghana Q55394270 Miss International Ghana Category:Ghanaian awards
485 Miss Malaika Ghana Q6877015 Miss Malaika Ghana Category:Ghanaian awards
486 Miss Universe Ghana Q606842 Miss Universe Ghana Category:Ghanaian awards
487 Moba language Q36010 Moba language Category:Languages of Ghana
488 Mooré Q36096 Mooré Category:Languages of Ghana
489 Moses Mabengba Bukari Q99929665 Moses Mabengba Bukari Category:Ghanaian Christians
490 Mosobila Kpamma Q105818535 Mosobila Kpamma Category:Ghanaian Christians
491 Mpoto Mpoto Q65694198 Mpoto Mpoto Category:Ghanaian cuisine
492 Mpra language Q278041 Mpra language Category:Languages of Ghana
493 Mpur language Q25339844 Mpur language Category:Languages of Ghana
494 Mr & Miss Akuapem Q108084494 Mr & Miss Akuapem Category:Annual events in Ghana
495 Muslim Association Party Q1955416 Muslim Association Party Category:Islam in Ghana
496 Naana Q99984167 Naana Category:Ghanaian culture
497 Naana Eyiah Quansah Q58175406 Naana Eyiah Quansah Category:Ghanaian Christians
498 Nabit language Q20707795 Nabit language Category:Languages of Ghana
499 Nafanan language Q13297 Nafanan language Category:Languages of Ghana
500 Nagila Q94440683 Nagila Category:Ghanaian dances
501 Nana Q3335513 Nana Category:Ghanaian culture
502 Nana Akomea Q1964413 Nana Akomea Category:Ghanaian Christians
503 Nana Koduah Kwarteng Q105193698 Nana Koduah Kwarteng Category:Ghanaian Christians
504 Nana Odame Kusi Q105175818 Nana Odame Kusi Category:Ghanaian Christians
505 Nana Yaw Otto Q99902755 Nana Yaw Otto Category:Ghanaian Christians
506 Nathan Mensah Q100715582 Nathan Mensah Category:Ghanaian Christians
507 National Archives of Ghana Q16733900 National Archives of Ghana Category:Cultural organisations based in Ghana
508 National Association of Charismatic and Christian Churches Q19897857 National Association of Charismatic and Christian Churches Category:Christianity in Ghana
509 National Commission on Culture Q16733906 National Commission on Culture Category:Cultural organisations based in Ghana
510 Nchumbulu language Q36143 Nchumbulu language Category:Languages of Ghana
511 Ndaakoya festival Q20855149 Ndaakoya festival Category:Ghanaian culture
512 Nettey Q37024511 Nettey Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
513 Nicholas Duncan-Williams Q19904004 Nicholas Duncan-Williams Category:Ghanaian Christians
514 Nicholas Timothy Clerk Q29050616 Nicholas Timothy Clerk Category:Ghanaian theologians
515 Nicholas Yaw Boafo Adade Q16733936 Nicholas Yaw Boafo Adade Category:Ghanaian Christians
516 Nii Okai Parbey Q105336678 Nii Okai Parbey Category:Ghanaian Christians
517 Nkami language Q7042522 Nkami language Category:Languages of Ghana
518 Nkatie Cake Q96315918 Nkatie Cake Category:Ghanaian cuisine
519 Nkonya language Q35867 Nkonya language Category:Languages of Ghana
520 Nkrabeah Effah Dartey Q98011488 Nkrabeah Effah Dartey Category:Ghanaian Christians
521 Noah Komla Dzobo Q16018732 Noah Komla Dzobo Category:Ghanaian theologians
522 Ntcham language Q36266 Ntcham language Category:Languages of Ghana
523 Ntoro Q3879167 Ntoro Category:Ghanaian culture
524 Ntrapo language Q19757590 Ntrapo language Category:Languages of Ghana
525 Nubuke Foundation Q39061164 Nubuke Foundation Category:Cultural organisations based in Ghana
526 Nungua Q493990 Nungua Category:Ghanaian culture
527 Nyangbo-Tafi language Q7070884 Nyangbo-Tafi language Category:Languages of Ghana
528 Nzema language Q36337 Nzema language Category:Languages of Ghana
529 Nzulezo Q924568 Nzulezo Category:Ghanaian culture
530 Obayifo Q7074649 Obayifo Category:Ghanaian culture
531 Oburoni Q7075358 Oburoni Category:Ghanaian culture
532 Odamtten Q86009124 Odamtten Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
533 Ohemaa Mercy Q22003208 Ohemaa Mercy Category:Ghanaian Christians
534 Ohene Buabeng Q105818551 Ohene Buabeng Category:Ghanaian Christians
535 Oheneba Q109918892 Oheneba Category:Ghanaian culture
536 Ollennu Q60795111 Ollennu Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
537 Omo tuo Q18357204 Omo tuo Category:Ghanaian cuisine
538 Ophelia Hayford Q104031591 Ophelia Hayford Category:Ghanaian Christians
539 Opoku Onyinah Q28870710 Opoku Onyinah Category:Ghanaian theologians
540 Oppey Abbey Q98025105 Oppey Abbey Category:Ghanaian Christians
541 Oppon None Oppon Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
542 Orlando Aryee Q105186879 Orlando Aryee Category:Ghanaian Christians
543 Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu Q7106472 Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu Category:Ghanaian Christians
544 Osram ne nsoromma Q48799151 Osram ne nsoromma Category:Ghanaian culture
545 Outdooring Q104859851 Outdooring Category:Ghanaian culture
546 Oware Q575620 Oware Category:Ghanaian culture
547 Oyoko Q20119132 Oyoko Category:Akan culture
548 Paa Q64995676 Paa Category:Ghanaian culture
549 Paasaal language Q36426 Paasaal language Category:Languages of Ghana
550 Palaver sauce Q7126923 Palaver sauce Category:Ghanaian cuisine
551 Palm nut soup Q17005230 Palm nut soup Category:Ghanaian cuisine
552 Pan African Writers' Association Q19946009 Pan African Writers' Association Category:Cultural organisations based in Ghana
553 Pastor Oti None Pastor Oti Category:Ghanaian Christians
554 Patience Pomary Q105192834 Patience Pomary Category:Ghanaian Christians
555 Paul Kpal Danzi Q105156129 Paul Kpal Danzi Category:Ghanaian Christians
556 PeaceJam Ghana Q65117568 PeaceJam Ghana Category:Annual events in Ghana
557 Peanut soup Q1907985 Peanut soup Category:Ghanaian cuisine
558 Peanut stew Q56320644 Peanut stew Category:Ghanaian cuisine
559 Pearl Amoah Q87264316 Pearl Amoah Category:Christian clergy in Ghana
560 Peggielene Bartels Q7160607 Peggielene Bartels Category:Ghanaian Christians
561 Peppersoup Q25041632 Peppersoup Category:Ghanaian cuisine
562 Perez Chapel International Q30688379 Perez Chapel International Category:Christian denominations in Ghana
563 Peter Boakye-Ansah Q99847755 Peter Boakye-Ansah Category:Ghanaian Christians
564 Peter Hall Q55629606 Peter Hall Category:Ghanaian theologians
565 Peter Kwadwo Okpora Q105492019 Peter Kwadwo Okpora Category:Ghanaian Christians
566 Pioneer Kitchenware Q7196717 Pioneer Kitchenware Category:Ghanaian brands
567 Plakali Q3391081 Plakali Category:Ghanaian cuisine
568 Poloo Q96317965 Poloo Category:Ghanaian cuisine
569 Prayer camps Q20855169 Prayer camps Category:Religion in Ghana
570 Prince Jacob Hayibor Q96807107 Prince Jacob Hayibor Category:Ghanaian Christians
571 Printex Q7245305 Printex Category:Ghanaian brands
572 Public holidays in Ghana Q1401481 Public holidays in Ghana Category:Ghanaian culture
573 Puff-puff Q7258860 Puff-puff Category:Ghanaian cuisine
574 Quakers in Africa Q7268594 Quakers in Africa Category:Christian denominations in Ghana
575 Quansah Q7268874 Quansah Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
576 Quarshie Godwin John Q105183526 Quarshie Godwin John Category:Ghanaian Christians
577 Quaye MacGranaky Ben Mensa Q105186930 Quaye MacGranaky Ben Mensa Category:Ghanaian Christians
578 Queen Pokou Q774231 Queen Pokou Category:Akan culture
579 Queen mother Q23541196 Queen mother Category:Ghanaian culture
580 RTP Awards Q85795499 RTP Awards Category:Entertainment events in Ghana
581 Raphael Kofi Ahaligah Q96979211 Raphael Kofi Ahaligah Category:Ghanaian Christians
582 Raymond Tawiah Abraham Q98046186 Raymond Tawiah Abraham Category:Ghanaian Christians
583 Red red Q20855173 Red red Category:Ghanaian cuisine
584 Religion in Ghana Q1749294 Religion in Ghana Category:Religion in Ghana
585 Richard Abusua-Yedom Quarshie Q24753610 Richard Abusua-Yedom Quarshie Category:Ghanaian Christians
586 Richard Gyan Mensah Q110647519 Richard Gyan Mensah Category:Ghanaian Christians
587 Richard Kwaku Osei Q105819313 Richard Kwaku Osei Category:Ghanaian Christians
588 Richard Tetteh Seglah Q105817029 Richard Tetteh Seglah Category:Ghanaian Christians
589 Richard Winfred Anane Q2150918 Richard Winfred Anane Category:Ghanaian Christians
590 Richie Agyemfra-Kumi Q105146303 Richie Agyemfra-Kumi Category:Ghanaian Christians
591 Ritual servitude Q2455101 Ritual servitude Category:Religion in Ghana
592 Rlg Communications Q7339174 Rlg Communications Category:Ghanaian brands
593 Roselle juice Q20855190 Roselle juice Category:Ghanaian cuisine
594 Saeed Abubakr Zakaria Q16734055 Saeed Abubakr Zakaria Category:Ghanaian theologians
595 Safaliba language Q36432 Safaliba language Category:Languages of Ghana
596 Sai Q86009154 Sai Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
597 Sakyi Q7403235 Sakyi Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
598 Sam Okyere Q17313912 Sam Okyere Category:Ghanaian Christians
599 Sammy B. Wusah Q97012439 Sammy B. Wusah Category:Ghanaian Christians
600 Sammy Gyamfi Q100965463 Sammy Gyamfi Category:Ghanaian Christians
601 Sampson Adu-Gyamfi Q105156143 Sampson Adu-Gyamfi Category:Ghanaian Christians
602 Sampson Ahi Q61694693 Sampson Ahi Category:Ghanaian Christians
603 Sampson Kwaku Boafo Q2217635 Sampson Kwaku Boafo Category:Ghanaian Christians
604 Samuel Adjei Asirifi Q105161984 Samuel Adjei Asirifi Category:Ghanaian Christians
605 Samuel Atta Akyea Q33129374 Samuel Atta Akyea Category:Ghanaian Christians
606 Samuel Brenyah Q105163784 Samuel Brenyah Category:Ghanaian Christians
607 Samuel Johnfiah Q96762095 Samuel Johnfiah Category:Ghanaian Christians
608 Samuel Koranteng-Pipim Q7411928 Samuel Koranteng-Pipim Category:Ghanaian theologians
609 Samuel Kuffour Q951342 Samuel Kuffour Category:Ghanaian Christians
610 Samuel Kwadwo Yamoah Q105150916 Samuel Kwadwo Yamoah Category:Ghanaian Christians
611 Samuel Kweku Obodai Q96943509 Samuel Kweku Obodai Category:Ghanaian Christians
612 Samuel Nii Ayi Mankattah Q16016523 Samuel Nii Ayi Mankattah Category:Ghanaian Christians
613 Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo Q7412301 Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo Category:Ghanaian Christians
614 Samuel Ofosu-Mensah Q105166163 Samuel Ofosu-Mensah Category:Ghanaian Christians
615 Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa Q21062553 Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa Category:Ghanaian Christians
616 Samuel Sallas Mensah Q98828186 Samuel Sallas Mensah Category:Ghanaian Christians
617 Sankofa Q1413952 Sankofa Category:Ghanaian culture
618 Santrokofi language Q36272 Santrokofi language Category:Languages of Ghana
619 Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art Q98399090 Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art Category:Arts in Ghana
620 Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah Q62415581 Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah Category:Ghanaian Christians
621 Scorched rice Q7435296 Scorched rice Category:Ghanaian cuisine
622 Sehwi language Q36593 Sehwi language Category:Languages of Ghana
623 Seidu Q48979506 Seidu Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
624 Seth Adjei Baah Q96955783 Seth Adjei Baah Category:Ghanaian Christians
625 Seth Senyo Agidi Q21004742 Seth Senyo Agidi Category:Ghanaian theologians
626 Shiare Q107439738 Shiare Category:Ghanaian culture
627 Shito Q2279518 Shito Category:Ghanaian cuisine
628 Sisaala language Q36532 Sisaala language Category:Languages of Ghana
629 Siti language Q25047893 Siti language Category:Languages of Ghana
630 Siwu language Q36470 Siwu language Category:Languages of Ghana
631 Social conduct in Ghana Q7551007 Social conduct in Ghana Category:Ghanaian culture
632 Solomon Kuyon Q113662482 Solomon Kuyon Category:Ghanaian Christians
633 Sometutuza Q98442763 Sometutuza Category:Ghanaian culture
634 Songs of Paapieye Q55633502 Songs of Paapieye Category:Ghanaian culture
635 Soninke language Q36660 Soninke language Category:Languages of Ghana
636 Southern Birifor language Q32859745 Southern Birifor language Category:Languages of Ghana
637 Sowa Q27869260 Sowa Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
638 Spirit children Q30315083 Spirit children Category:Religion in Ghana
639 Spoken word in Ghana Q106855751 Spoken word in Ghana Category:Ghanaian culture
640 Stanley Basil Bade Carboo Q105178367 Stanley Basil Bade Carboo Category:Ghanaian Christians
641 Starwin Products Q7602658 Starwin Products Category:Ghanaian brands
642 Stephen Amoanor Kwao Q7608586 Stephen Amoanor Kwao Category:Ghanaian Christians
643 Stephen Asamoah Boateng Q2344521 Stephen Asamoah Boateng Category:Ghanaian Christians
644 Stephen Ayidiya Q105154541 Stephen Ayidiya Category:Ghanaian Christians
645 Stephen Kwadwo Osei-Nyame Q105816916 Stephen Kwadwo Osei-Nyame Category:Ghanaian Christians
646 Sunsum Q7641659 Sunsum Category:Ghanaian culture
647 Susu box Q66809657 Susu box Category:Ghanaian culture
648 Suya Q7650627 Suya Category:Ghanaian cuisine
649 Svanikier Q122746085 Svanikier Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
650 Swami Ghanananda Saraswati Q7653186 Swami Ghanananda Saraswati Category:Hinduism in Ghana
651 Sylvester Azantilow Q105153735 Sylvester Azantilow Category:Ghanaian Christians
652 Sylvester Emmanuel Sanziri Q105817711 Sylvester Emmanuel Sanziri Category:Ghanaian Christians
653 T.I. Ahmadiyya Girls Senior High School Q24932863 T.I. Ahmadiyya Girls Senior High School Category:Islam in Ghana
654 T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School Q19975629 T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School Category:Islam in Ghana
655 Tabitha Sybil Quaye Q16734139 Tabitha Sybil Quaye Category:Ghanaian Christians
656 Talni language Q25047888 Talni language Category:Languages of Ghana
657 Tamprusi language Q36590 Tamprusi language Category:Languages of Ghana
658 Tanoboase Sacred Grove and Shrine Q104871756 Tanoboase Sacred Grove and Shrine Category:Heritage registers in Ghana
659 Tapioca pudding Q717548 Tapioca pudding Category:Ghanaian cuisine
660 Tem language Q36531 Tem language Category:Languages of Ghana
661 The Apostolic Church – Ghana Q30593899 The Apostolic Church – Ghana Category:Christian denominations in Ghana
662 Theophilus Opoku Q54480609 Theophilus Opoku Category:Ghanaian theologians
663 Theresa Joyce Baffoe Q98816887 Theresa Joyce Baffoe Category:Ghanaian Christians
664 Tongnaab Q16734176 Tongnaab Category:Religion in Ghana
665 Tonjon language Q3913372 Tonjon language Category:Languages of Ghana
666 Trade and pilgrimage routes of Ghana Q7831914 Trade and pilgrimage routes of Ghana Category:Ghanaian culture
667 Traditional Ghanaian stool Q65066902 Traditional Ghanaian stool Category:Ghanaian culture
668 Transol Solutions Ghana Q7834743 Transol Solutions Ghana Category:Ghanaian brands
669 Tubaani Q94524005 Tubaani Category:Ghanaian cuisine
670 United Denomination: Lighthouse Group of Churches Q19810549 United Denomination: Lighthouse Group of Churches Category:Christian denominations in Ghana
671 Ursula Owusu Q21063772 Ursula Owusu Category:Ghanaian Christians
672 Vagla language Q36637 Vagla language Category:Languages of Ghana
673 Varieties of American Sign Language Q23808158 Varieties of American Sign Language Category:Languages of Ghana
674 Verna Natural Mineral Water Q61746980 Verna Natural Mineral Water Category:Ghanaian brands
675 Victor Gadzekpo Q43126304 Victor Gadzekpo Category:Ghanaian Christians
676 Victor Kusi Boateng Q64747661 Victor Kusi Boateng Category:Ghanaian Christians
677 Victor Okuley Nortey Q98051220 Victor Okuley Nortey Category:Ghanaian Christians
678 Victoria Adjetey Q105145030 Victoria Adjetey Category:Ghanaian Christians
679 Victoria Bright Q105044669 Victoria Bright Category:Ghanaian Christians
680 Vida Akoto Bamfo Q26923631 Vida Akoto Bamfo Category:Ghanaian Christians
681 Video games in Ghana Q28223441 Video games in Ghana Category:Ghanaian culture
682 Waakye Q14783691 Waakye Category:Ghanaian cuisine
683 Wali language Q36895 Wali language Category:Languages of Ghana
684 Wasa dialect Q85814483 Wasa dialect Category:Languages of Ghana
685 Wasawasa Q85814488 Wasawasa Category:Ghanaian cuisine
686 West African Vodun Q177764 West African Vodun Category:Religion in Ghana
687 West African cuisine Q11880026 West African cuisine Category:Ghanaian cuisine
688 William Kwaku Asante Q105172717 William Kwaku Asante Category:Ghanaian Christians
689 William Kwasi Sabi Q61694712 William Kwasi Sabi Category:Ghanaian Christians
690 Wisdom Tsidore Seyena-Susu Q105192848 Wisdom Tsidore Seyena-Susu Category:Ghanaian Christians
691 Witch camp Q8027863 Witch camp Category:Religion in Ghana
692 Witchcraft in Ghana Q96415382 Witchcraft in Ghana Category:Religion in Ghana
693 Yaw Bampoh Q105175068 Yaw Bampoh Category:Ghanaian Christians
694 Yaw Barimah Q2599796 Yaw Barimah Category:Ghanaian Christians
695 Yaw Brefo Darkwa-Dwamena Q105818556 Yaw Brefo Darkwa-Dwamena Category:Ghanaian Christians
696 Yaw Brempong-Yeboah Q98044464 Yaw Brempong-Yeboah Category:Ghanaian Christians
697 Yaw Frimpong-Manso Q106307806 Yaw Frimpong-Manso Category:Ghanaian theologians
698 Yaw Owusu-Boateng Q84589649 Yaw Owusu-Boateng Category:Ghanaian Christians
699 Yiadom Q96479259 Yiadom Category:Surnames of Ghanaian origin
700 Yidana Q107222330 Yidana Category:Ghanaian culture
701 Yusuf Soalih Ajura Q16016057 Yusuf Soalih Ajura Category:Ghanaian theologians
702 Zingolo Q8072407 Zingolo Category:Ghanaian culture
703 Zone Three 6 Q104858386 Zone Three 6 Category:Ghanaian culture
704 Zowey Q96272950 Zowey Category:Ghanaian cuisine
705 Zoŋ Q107210035 Zoŋ Category:Ghanaian culture
706 Zynnell Zuh Q51337302 Zynnell Zuh Category:Ghanaian fashion